ksharsutra treatment in delhi
ksharsutra treatment in delhi
ksharsutra treatment in delhi



What is Anal Fistula :-

The fistula in anus is formed by bursting an abscess in the region of peri-anal area. There is a boil around anus through which pus comes on and off.

Symptoms :-

Patient develops a boil around the anus. Pus is formed and there is severe pain. The swelling increases and finally bursts. After bursting the pain subsides. This process recurs in the same way again and again. In some cases continuous discharge from the boil remains till the adequate treatment. The condition is known as Bhagandara or Fistula-in-ano or anal fistula. This disease should be adequately known by people because surgery is a frustrating experience in this disease. I know some of my patients underwent surgery for 10 to 20 times but of no avail. I treated them successfully by Chharsutra (Kshar-sutra). These Fistula are low anal (less complicated) and high anal (complicated).

Causes :-

Infection in a fissure (Common), Tuberculosis, Diabetes mellitus, Cancer, Ulcerative colitis etc.

Treatment :-

The best mode of treatment available is mainly by Kshar-sutra. Surgery is not beneficial. It carries many risks, the major risk is recurrence.

Why surgery is a failure :-

1. Entire infected tract or area cannot be excised especially in higher fistula.
2. Presence of faeces may halt healing.
3. The infected anal gland (source of fistula formation) is not removed completely.
4. Extensive tissue is lost during operation which is not good for patients.
5. Chances of injury to those muscles who hold the faces are there in surgery.
6. Hospitalization is necessary. There is bleeding, extensive wound occur. The wound requires daily dressing.
In spite of all these problems, the cure is not certain and there is every possibility of recurrence of disease, therefore choose option of Kshar-sutra.

Why Kshar-sutra is beneficial :-

1. Minimum trauma and no tissue loss, so minimum scar.
2. Practically nil bleeding.
3. No need for hospitalization; procedure is carried out under local anaesthesia.
4. The patient may perform his daily routine during the therapy.
5. No chance of muscle damage or narrowing of anal orifice.
Most importantly there is nil chance of recurrence. Recurrence is noted in those cases associated with tuberculosis, Diabetes, Cancer etc. Dr. Praveen Kumar Choudhary has successfully treated around a thousand of cases.

Pilonidal sinus :-
It is a sinus occurring in the middle of buttocks. It is due to excessive hair. The hair causes trauma in the skin and a sinus if formed. The hair is present in the sinus.

:- Kshar-sutra is best of all the treatments.

Other non-healing sinus :-
Kshar-sutra therapy is the best therapy to treat different types of sinuses. These include stitch abscess, foreign body impaction, injection abscess, and other types of sinuses also.



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